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Hi! We are Adrian and Cristina, the two owners of World Weddings and a recently engaged couple ourselves! First and foremost, we wanted to extend a congratulations on your engagement! We are currently in the process of planning our own wedding so we understand the steps it takes to get everything done-- that's why we wanted to make finding a wedding videographer as simple as possible.

We have been in the wedding industry since 2016 and from the beginning, we were instantly hooked! As travelers, we wanted to bring the same essence and serenity that we feel when we visit new places and incorporate that into our wedding films. We wholeheartedly believe that True Love is life's greatest adventure that deserves to be told properly. We want to be able to capture your adventure so you can be able to escape to that day for all your years to come.

Whether the wedding is in DFW, out of town, out of state or overseas, we are readily available to accommodate to either situation! 


Lead Videographer // Lead Editor 


Go camping in Havasupai Falls

Visit Brazil

Skydive over Waialua


2nd Videographer // Creative Director

Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef

Backpack through South America

Visit Antarctica



The video of my niece's wedding is absolutely incredible. It is far and beyond any expectations we had when we started planning the wedding. Adrian is so nice and he blended in at the wedding / reception so well. The moments he captured and how he brought them together is priceless. By far the best wedding video I've ever seen.

—  Jennifer, 2018


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