What is it?

This is a YouTube series highlighting 4 individuals who have overcome different adversities to become successful in their own way. Season 1 will be highlighting two professional athletes and two business owners/ entrepreneurs from my hometown of Waco TX. We will be diving deep into their success, failures, and future goals. The style of the show will be framed with the idea of allowing the audience to not only relate to our guests, but to inspire them to create their own path to success.  

Where can I watch it?

Each episode will be released on two separate platforms that will have the same release date and time. We will be premiering each episode on our YouTube channel, as well as, on Facebook Watch. Each episode will be released weekly for the stretch of 4 weeks, each with it’s own trailer to promote the next episode. Viewers will have the opportunity to watch the entire series 2 weeks before it’s released date with a donation to the guest’s charity of their choosing. More info to follow.

Who are the guests?

Dominic Villa

Jorge DeLeon

Ashley Artisan

Hailey Cowan

How can I get involved?

The one thing we’re mainly excited about is how we’ll be getting you, the audience, involved! With each guest, you will get lots of chances to engage deeper and give back to the community. Each featured guest will have a custom “Empower Me” t-shirt, sticker, and poster designed for their specific episode available for the public to purchase. 


However, we are offering much more content past each guests episode that will be released.

Here’s how: each guest will pick one charity of their choosing, local or not, and you will have a chance to donate to it. 100% of those proceeds will be directly to their charity of their choosing!

This donation will not go unnoticed, for everyone who donates will receive a full library of content goodies.


Each Donor will get: 


  • - Early access to the whole series 2 weeks before it’s public release date

  • - Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of our shoot days and how we shot the episodes that won’t be released to the public

  • - A 25% discount code for the publicly released merch and access to all other merch not available to the public

  • - Discount codes for the sponsors we will be using for the show

  • - The full podcast library of all the podcasts that will be featured about this series that won’t be released to the public

  • -And as we have more ideas come in, we will add to this list!

How can I help?

For this project, we are wanting to be rather ambitious with our execution. This means we are shooting to produce a high-quality series that will properly be able to showcase these featured guests with the proper gear and crew to film them. With that being said, we are looking for sponsors to help fund this series. Below are the 3 packages that are available to help contribute. If you are interested in getting helping with a sponsorship, fill out the contact form below and we will send you a formal proposal that will go into detail on what your sponsorship will be going towards, and more importantly, what you receive in return.

Contribution Sponsorship: $100

Available to 3 businesses

Gold Sponsorship: $300

Available to 2 businesses

Title Sponsorship: $600

Available to 1 business

A quick preview of whats to come:

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